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Trump’s administration had yet to specify whether any of that had happened, nor what it could do to explain it. But he has indicated his administration is looking for ways to combat the problem.

The Pentagon has stepped in to cut the budget and phase out supplies for civilian contractors, a step that Trump said he was doing in the interest of national security. A number of recent controversies have revealed cost overruns for military projects.

Trump himself has indicted Felix Sater, a former director of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

Felix Maloney, a spokesman for Maloney’s company American Logistics, disputed that allegations.

“Mr. Trump has said repeatedly that the shipping is far more important to him than the logistics,” he said. “He has ordered our company to work with the United States to reduce the number of subcontractors in contracting with the U.S. military.”

The plan, he said, “means our company is free to pursue other opportunities to do business with the DoD,” although he noted it would be difficult for the government to put up funds to make buying new equipment workable for all of the contractors in the future.

Sater said the government was making a good effort to avoid any contracts with the private sector on the short-term grounds of competitive cost.

Another contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton, lodged a complaint with the Department of Justice in December that it had lost $2.5 million because of a legal dispute over the use of PayPal and JPMorgan.

Representatives from both countries met with Trump during his campaign.

In December, the Obama administration said a new deficit report should provide more details about the impact of the tax cuts—for the first time, the administration’s department of budget director said it hadn’t been “pushed by the president or by the White House.”

Booz planned to sell PWI products to government contractors should the same procedure be followed, and Lockheed Martin had scheduled a press conference to announce it would make its first military contracts.

Department of State spokesman Dana Perino said in response to the Pentagrapho episode that the P.O.V. and Military Lo