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The problem is: there are no that’s actually any way to know. The local governments do not have access to its records on basic EI assessments, yet even if they did, it would take weeks to ask them. Nor does the state Department of Health, which is responsible for the vast majority of this government-paid insurance, or the private insurance companies that are involved.

The state is not even allowed to speak on the matter. You won’t find a single comment from the Department of Emergency Medicine or the DOH.

In many cases, the states are forced to falsify how much and how little of what happened.

For example, the city of Munich claims to have received an EI amount of €800,000, but that is based on an estimate based on inspected claims. In reality, it is €500,000.

Connecting this to post-June 2016 estimated single rehab visits, the official estimates are €800-900,000 apiece.

As for the actual number, it depends on the method to estimate them. Some estimates suggest that there were 20,000 EI cases in 2016, and other estimates claim that there was only 1,500.

You might be surprised to learn that although the individual mandate is an important piece of the bill, there is no way for the state to know exactly who’s on which plan, nor what the value of that individual is. There is no central statistical office for that, and state statisticians are not even supposed to be told if it’s an official EI report or a non-official EI permit.

And even if a state official was authorized to speak out, they would not be able to. It is a matter of state sovereignty and they are not allowed to discuss the data.

A final note: federal prison cells are not just for medical treatments. They are actually for a crime. What’s more, most of the times the prisoners are simply being held there to serve their sentences.

Even if the prison camps are sterilized for prisoners, the state is still responsible for what has been said about them.

This is particularly true when it comes to the Nazi concentration camps. The state’s own estimates run into the million