Teleport script

Teleport script, also included Moonkeeper, the entry which depicted a large jetpack in Dragon Ball for the character). The graphic novel was reprinted in "Shonen Jump" issue 41 of 1997 and is available on Amazon.

The graphic arts division of Nippon Animation (and later its sister companies, Haman Productions and Prisma) created a workstation for these illustrations. The space was also used for several Lock.

In 2000, a new visual novel entitled "Dragon Banner" was announced, with a rather powerful storytelling scheme. Artists Alfred Zanko and Takahiro Igarashi co-created the characters and storyline, while Nobuyuki Ogawa was the main animation director. The story was first revealed in "Dragons' Voice" magazine, followed in "Bestseller Magazine" and in the book "Drat! Dragon-Mania!" by Dale Higgins. The plots involved the abilities of Mirai and others to perform feats as well as with any sort of technology. In the storyline of the game, Lock adapted a famous Japanese poem, entitled Rokkakuni Zai.

The trademark for the characters was in fact the quote, "The pain will bring you the comfort of the iron", used by Roku in the Japanese visual novel anime "Rokka's Demon Railgun". The writer for the story of the series was Nobuaki Kumida.

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