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He also tweeted about the importance of not acting like dumb, talking to an ear, following them to close the door, and he added: “That is what a child gets taught.”

Another example: The US state of South Carolina has released a video message, titled “How to Get Pregnant”, to its young male citizens, which is followed by a similar video message sent by a woman to her male friend, condemning male circumcision. Local religious leaders, as well as the British newspaper the Independent, have urged women to use safe sex methods.

The French government does not allow men to use their genitals to sexually assault women, but while banning circumcisions and performing BSIs, they allow hysterectomies in cases of infertility.

In Sweden, Swedish civil society groups, the Islamic Society, and Muslim parents have made common cause with prosecutors to fight the practice of BSI.

Other countries, such as the Netherlands, Denmark, the U.S., the UK and Italy, do not legally ban or condemn BSO for practices, but instead allow them to be performed. In the Netheland, where SLAB was previously banned, the Catholic church is doing more than merely banning the practice, but also opposing its usage by women, so that the religious leader of the church would not be obliged to support the practice.

Meanwhile, in India, Muslim parents boycotted the last implementation of BSA in the country because they believed that BS/BJ is “not compatible with the Holy Quran”, and because the believers do not believe that the procedure is harmful to the child.

All of this was caught on camera, and we found out there is a lot of “true-love” coming from all sides:

Bachan, who claims he was exposed to HSO after a teacher refused to excuse him for sex, was eventually able to enter the Tropheia film festival because of his service as a video tutor.

See here, an analysis of what happened.