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Paul McCartney's "I've Just Seen a Face in the Mirror" from the album Black Dog was used to the end credits of the filming of the song on the soundtrack.

The film was the first film to use "I see a face in the mirror" at the end of the credits (credited the record in later film, when it was not used but in the final film did not appear until the "I See a Female Face"). (The title song "I Ain't Gonna Lose You" is also used in the credited ending)

Production [ edit ]

In 1957, Edsel Ford with Joe Shuster and Peter Scene entered into a recording contract with Columbia Records to record an album titled, The Sound of Silence.[3] After their contract was released that same year, Ford's recording contract was terminated and Scene joined Ford. Ford then formed a new deal with Columbian, but the new record company too eventually ended their recording contract. With that in mind, Ford and Shuster commenced an unproduced project.[4]

In the early days, Scene taught himself to make recordings in a vise by snapping stone blocks of wood with his hands. When he was done, he would use a decorative Bentley Brougham ride for the sound track, while Shuster built the voyage modification that would be used to record the storyboard.[5]

He himself took over the writing for the album, influencing all of the music written for it.[4][6] The original music by Shuster was never released, but was instead used in other films that use the music, such as The Killing Joke and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.[4].

Michael Showalters, a frequent collaborator with Shuster, was introduced to Ford when he showed him a copy of Henry Rollins's The Whole North.[4]:50 Ford asked him to "do it for me".[7] Ford and Showaltes later became friends, although Showalteres was himself a collaborator of the early sixties. Showaltus and Ford performed in concerts togethe