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Webmoney amazon.com.biz.com) behold: I’m turning over control over my site to the dictator on the other side of the internet. A man made an offer that was several times higher than what I had raised for, and the man who just started getting ahold of the site of our community is the guy who just beat me over the head. I did not even see the contract in advance.

Why was he picking this contract, and why did he choose this agent as well. I wonder if he could understand for what purpose someone could get paid to do such a contract, or if he’s not dumb enough to understand what goes on with a lot of the money that is raised in this community and used to help your children’s education, as well as to give families a way to get by in some spots in Utah, and then spend the money in his own pocket.

I wrote to some of the people about my first a letter on how I felt. They had created and republished my post (grant Nicholas Gregory Parsons private transcript) that got engulfed in controversy. Some of them were offended to see my pictures, and some of them got offended by my article. Finally, some people are quietly afraid of me. I have even seen some emails and E-mails from some people who told me that I was a bit extreme in my view of the matter. I think, through this, that they are making sure I don’t get any further, as they would not really want to be in my business.

Ironically, some of these people had nothing to do with me. People might not realize that someone other than a parent or especially a school administrator or teacher would pull up a system whose intent is to bludgeon anybody with this kind of information as quickly and as directly as possible, until they speak out against it.

I still don’ts believe that there was any good in the way I had done it, and I don't know what has happened since I had dropped the abuse part of my website, or what has been going on. All I can say is that there is someone out there that is simply purposefully trying to use me to get into my business, and he deserves the punishment he has received for it, or at leas