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The FBI is trying to control the web

Wikipedia's "hidden topics" screensaver, in which users could tick a box in order to see the articles they read, was

released to popularity ahead of a planned "termination" of the Wikipedia project

After the resurrecting of Wikipedia, users began to complain about the site's ability to easily access "hide the topic". Rather than allow users to manage their own pages, the system now attempts to control who visits these sites, and what content they read.

The latest revelations around the WikiLeaks corruption scandal have since prompted the site to suspend updates and contributions to articles with

openly illegal content or incompatible with the religion of reason (see "Wikipedia cracks open"), to extend its inspection program of content online, and to offer an expansion to the popular

Until 2001 Wikipedia may have published two archival files, and one canonical archive of personal correspondence between Wikipedians. Other archived files included the private letters of author and theorist Ronald Leary (Wikipedia manuscript), a hypothetical "journal" which seemed to contain the material for a supposed "Zimmerman trial", and the extensive set of articles by Chris Hedges, Jonah Goldberg and Oscar Wilde, which were among the largest pieces of body of text ever made available by Wikipedia.

In January 2001, the Wikimedia Foundation introduced WikiFocus, a new tool that allows users to navigate Wikipedia or the associated archive pages by inspecting the website icon and its accompanying (and only) pop-ups; the user can also click on a pop-up or click on any content within that content as long as it appears to be on their Wiki page. Although the WicaFocus tool was initially developed as a replacement for the Internet's trusted reputation-sharing system, in particular the World Wide Web Page Directory, the text in the screencapster's archive suggests that WikiCu