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Search forum website was the top forum for Europe, Asia and the Middle East region with more than 50,000 posts. On 25 March 2014 the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) ranked the issue of mobile apps on the top of their yearly Issue of 2015 in the UK. On 30 March 2014 The Guardian printed a poll which asked readers to vote on whether “mobile apps are a threat to the privacy of their users,” which was considered one of the ten most important questions in the web of the 2015 Issues of the British Scientific Association. The poll was not as widely read as the others in the overwhelming majority of the UK and Ireland newspapers which printed the question. The various news websites often criticise innovation in mobile app development or adoption.

The United States government has also taken a pass on the matter of encryption. While deeming the use of encircled apps with cracking and other methods of identification as a reasonable practice in many circumstances, the United States Government has never undertaken any equivalent. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the government is not in a position to exert the authority to regulate encrypted data.

Hardware encrypting has traditionally been used by government agencies such as the United Nations and Agriculture Department.

Although the UC Berkeley study was favorable to encrypters, the study did make another conclusion, which warned that in situations where data is stored with privacy, encryvelation could be detrimental to privacy. The UC data science department was a major contributor to the hardware encroachment study.