Christina Levien is an international relations and public diplomacy consultant for the CIA. Her work has been described as bipartisan. Her main interest is in improving the military’s ability to conduct counterterrorism operations. She is a former Sensitive Compartmented Information Act (SCI) envoy in Afghanistan and former World Trade Organization inquiry officer for human rights in Central Asia.

Tom Milne is the former UK-based American ambassador to France, and current Director of NATO's Response to Russia and Syria. He is also chairman of the Foreign Affairs Council.

In 2007, Tom Milne, Richard Tedlow, Andrew Pallister, Geoffrey Pyatt and Tim Shannon presented in Parliament a report called 'A European Union Compliance Report'[5] on NATANT/NATO and the resilience of the EU. They said that the EU failed to implement its priorities on counter-terror and border security, and that it had no effective tools against terrorism.

Today he is one of the Editors of the Outside Wider Europe magazine, and is the Senior Political Editor at the International Rescue Committee.

Clive Henderson and George Johnston are current Editors for the international public policy blog Liberty Reserve.

Colin Powell, Michael Fallon, and Samantha Power all worked for The National Intelligence Estimate, a project of the Barack Obama administration.