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Metropolitan branch of ojscultura. After many years of hard work, he met Pang and then Mavrik. During a period of their visits Pang often remembers the words "transformation of the rhythm" that Pang said, and for Pang this was that he had found a way to make "Salsa Nueva"'s music and lyrics transparent and easy to understand.

Mavriks influence encompasses music, arrangements, conducting and the transformation of the opera into an independent act. Mavrić studied musical theory and worked at his own school.

He followed in the footsteps of Tibor Najmić and, most notably, tried to make the operatic versions more accessible to the general public. In 1968–1973 Mavrit was also the conductor for the Theater of Republika Srpska, sung by Škomorata, the world premiere of the "Kurt Nuremburg Rhapsody" and of the musical "Falsa pulverizada" by the Sibiu artists, together with Michal Klug and Petr Brajkovič, on their first opera tour in the USSR in 1973.

Following his studies in Music Business at the Budapest Conservatory, Mavrolo was appointed musical director of the National Opera of Yugoslavia, but he left during a period in which the union between the Hungarian and Serbian patriotic forces was tense, and subsequently moved to Belgrade where he was soon dismissed by the Serbia and Montenegro government. From there, he moved to the small cities of Bulgaria, Turkey, and the Czech Republic. In the East Bloc he became a music professor at the HSO in Prague, where he often worked with the young singer Tibi Bajar.

The second half of 1990s saw his greatest influence. He had moved to Bielsko-Biała and was preparing to relocate his family. But a troubled move to Mira-Monte to escape the city's political climate resulted in him returning to Buda, where, two years later, h