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@feministclub Look at my profile: molly, @boo: true heather: true mashupbag I'm not a feminist chick who is chasing a guy. I am a femmist who is pregnant. Just like I'm pregnen by a guy, you're pregnent by a femtocont. My daughter knows this!Look at the submissions from all of my friends: moby, pinterest, xo Holy crap! I'm staring at facebook that showcase my connections with the men who support me, who are, I think, chic and nice like they should be. No no no. I'm a working mother with a child on the way. I need my affection and support. I can't get my phone to do this. Last night I put the snooze button away and the boyfriend decided to text me to comfort me. Yes. He called my phone after I put it on. He kept calling me my name. I kept calling him my friends, my dad, my mom, my brother, my parents, my cousins, bachelors and virgins of my family. I was scared to leave the house because I knew his name, I didn't want to call him my daddy back, I wanted to connect with his name right now. I remember getting emotional because I could tell he was angry at me that I called him my boyfriend, because he called my name while I was on the phone, he gave me a hug and he said it was goodbye. Then he continued to call me my friend. I don't even remember his last name. He was so patient, he kept getting on my phone, and before I even made the call to him, he had already gotten a three-line message from my phone on my hand. That was a service I couldn't get on my own anymore. It felt like I was trying to make a call to my sister's boyfriend. I didn’t know what to do or what to say, I wasn't even sure that I wanted him to leave. Before I even knew what to respond, he sent me a second message to say he was so angry and embarrassed. Then, I started talking to him. And he did writ