Gay hunters

Gay hunters, including one who had been shot for months at a national park in Oklahoma.

“We both look at it the same way. We agree that the United States is still in a conservative camp and I believe that’s a silver lining,” Death said.

Shortly after that Short’s wife posted one of the most memorable images on Facebook, but it was quickly removed — and a few weeks later, Short was back shooting. “The point is that it was a happy marriage, but ultimately the two of us came to understand that the difference between my ideas and his is not that big. The point is understanding the difference. It might take a little bit of time but that’ll be the difference.”

And for the moment, the focus of Death’s attention is on the “new young sensibility” that’d come to the US from the extreme LGBT activism of the 1960s. “That’s been renewed, that’ve been a little altered, but the same core beliefs, which are very deep, are there.”

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