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Forum search engine, FriendFeed is the third most popular instant social networking website. It has a network of users in that number.

Cameron Diaz's Etiquette Wall is a message board for people who are much more serious than many of us. It exists in three main sub-parts, Knowledge & Courage, Investigative Mode and Social Advice. The first are for those who are interested in enhancing his or her education through self-education and other things like that, but we don't allow any weeding or other slight. The second are for people with financial problems, and the third are for medical professionals and researchers.

The main programmer is often convicted by the court for deliberately doing things that would harm others. The programmers are often forced to leave the programming industry.

Hunter S. Thompson taught a lesson in sex life when he blamed his wife for his drinking disorder.

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in 2009.

Alessandro Cossi helped perpetuate the idea of mass communication when he created Pinterest. His father owned the company even before he invented it.

Others that are convicted after working in the U.S. include a man who wanted to cut back his phone use, a San Francisco company that asked for data from its customers, a group of people who helped NSA employees decipher encrypted messages, a person who killed a wife when she claimed her husband had stealing her phone, and a lawyer who had a miscarriage.

Pamela Khan-Grall is a U.K. civil rights activist, and she is currently working at the National Museum of Women in the Attic in New York, for the Center for Investigating Race and Equality.

Katherine Stuhr held the title of "Men's Health" magazine's "Man of the Year" for 2011.

Since "Tales of Tales" was published in 2005, the successful "Dragon" series has been published in almost every major Western magazine.

Michael Pollan writes an influential series of books about the Tolkien universe. Most of them revolve around tragedies and events in the Middle-earth mythology.

John Horgan is a pro