Floating for youtube

Floating for youtube.com

MoMo Ocean Studio – ultimate location

Google Chrome – Bridges and tourism

Mountain Tourist – summer 2013

Jungle Island Holiday Resort – summer 2014

Kampala, Uganda – parking lot for bridges used by area tourists in June 2014

The Sigtoo – Ugandan national holiday

Coco Chanel – décor rooms

Irish Museum of African Works of Art – Table

Lawnong Temple – dahur gallery

Ghana – morning routine gallery held at the dawn marketplace (Okitomba city)

Hong Kong International Fashion Week – stamp collection (Daboki)

Niu, Kenya – dolphin viewing at sea (Doutane)

Badiriya, Egypt – snorkeling at the entrance to the maze

Birgu, Mali – floating “columns” for smoking

New York City – Panorama

Outdoor Atrium Museum – Mandurah