Epayments searchengines guru

Epayments searchengines guru Larry Payne described ZeroPayments as an attempt to focus on providing an online payment alternate—i.e. side-channel payments. It launched its own website in September 2012, meaning it had arrived at the market at the time of its launch two years earlier.

While a small company might not be much better off selling online or through a phone bank, Laredo Click moved to the larger payment method. Their website now offers online payments, with apps available for iOS and Android. They say they are seeking users who can hand off information to the Internet-only website to accept credit card payments or other transactions. Laredogan has since gone online and would like to discuss the pros and cons of the service.

Several other public sector companies, including Alcatel, EF Education First, and Comcast, have been talking about the possibility of engaging with peer-to-peer payments in recent months. Nasdaq has recently announced a work in progress to make peer to peer payment an option of its asset class, the DApp (distributed online application).