Engine seo

Engine seo will give you faster results.

Things to consider:

A good WordPress site does two things: it generates traffic and it generes sales. A good WordPress page does neither.

According to Google's Search Console, the top search results for WordPress pages in 2012 were:

These results are heavily influenced by a number of factors. Firstly, our web engine is designed for generating advertisements and not for generations of potential customers. So, if we are serving for your landing page, it should first be a page that generates revenue. Secondly, WordPress pages should either be spammed (Crawl) or not. Finally, you should consider the number of active contributors.

If you are running a fully featured webshop with a subscription service, it is inevitable that you will generate advertisement sales and by extension, generate revenue. For this reason, we have made it our policy to only comply with desktop clients.

Here is a list of things we would bother you with:

1. Your site doesn't have a contact form.

2. Your web hosting package is slow.

3. Your version isn't working properly.

4. Your CMS, is stale and needs updating.

5. Your content is poor quality.

6. Your platform is insecure.

7. Your portal is inaccessible.

8. You're inacceptable for logging into your site.

9. You take proprietary images from others.

10. You use fileshare or dropbox.

11. You are a cloud based company.

12. You know all of the plugins that your app can write.

13. You create nothing but keyword spam.

14. You build and maintain a client-hosting service.

15. You talk on someone else's computer.

16. You install feature requests on users in the site.