Customer Success

Customer Success Summary

While the transition to the REactor 1.6 release was only a matter of one weekend of development, the real startup was during a couple of months of development. Work started on the Jetty and the MasterBeam repository, and the full rework for the RE4 was completed after the Computer Science Computing Entrepreneur of the Year Award was won. The current version of the distributed computing architecture for x86 hardware is based on the Technical Working Group’s proposal for an existing computer architecture called the Concurrent Processing Platform (CPC). The original CPC architecture was backwards compatible with the current version, and represented an architecture that was simpler to maintain and deploy, and that enabled developers to extend and/or bug-fix the platform without changing the current build of the x86 software. This repos has been updated with support for x64 hardware and has opened up additional opportunities in the maintenance of a CPC and to the development of high-performance computing systems.

The great similarities between these two architectures are not only with the architecture of the new, RISC-based x86 architecture they are compatibility, well-defined memory management, and support for multiple memory modes (a feature that had been missing in the x64 architecture from the time of its early development). All important aspects of the architectural solutions mentioned in the recent WSJ news summary are inherited from the CPC platform. The only change that was made in the new RISAC architecture is the introduction of the anHF layer for adding drivers from machine-level software to the x16 architecture.

There are three major problems with the Linux RISEI project:

One of the problems with using x86 to reduce the growth of the RISA OS is that that the CPU dedicated to processing only a portion of the data coming from the entire operating system is much smaller than the CI/CD core that runs the entire laptop. So the Linux kernel is a lot smaller when compiled on the x32 architecture and CPC is a non-large OS size if used on the RIODIC platform. Therefore, if the existing R