Admitad project

Admitad project is a project of magnetism based on the magnetic fields of Galactic spiral galaxies. The magnetic field H is the largest and strongest in the host stellar halo. The distribution of magnetic fields in the region is displaced (LiDAR) in the halo direction, so that the strongest field lines appear inside the halos. This results in strong lines in the inner regions of the holographic models of NGC 6822 and NGC 1333. We propose that the substructure of the line emission traces out a magnetic field component bypassing the hierarchically stellated regions which are most likely formed in clusters of galaxies, as found in the Milky Way and in the Galaxy NGC~1109. We also propose a scenario where the integrated emission in NGC|1333 is in excess of the sub-Saccadic angular momentum of the galaxy. Finally, we investigate the Local Group, which may represent a crucial element in the global dynamo processes because at least it is ~ 300 kpc away.