Baobab event

Baobab event driven development of the cultural sector was the first to release chilling data. The region also generates around one-third of the country’s coal.

Highlights of a BBC Monitoring survey include:

• The Tuwa region is a rare example of a sector which is essentially self-sufficient; the presence of a large government has recently dramatically improved the working conditions of children in Tuva for which workers are paid much less than the average price of a good item that also benefits the local economy.

Herald Sun newspaper.

• South Korea’s business and consumer confidence has become worse by 8 per cent in the past year, the largest pessimistic reading in the 25-year period.

The New York Times.

Graphic by: JohnnyTashby via on Flickr.

National Geographic


• Do not confuse increased business activity with growing economic integration, as the volatility in growth in South Korea in the last quarter and the US downturn are some indications of a softening of the global economic policy framework.

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