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Back tabard, the bronze alternate tabards, the miniature bronzer, the handbag, the watch and wristlace, and the platinum leather jacket. Other items including, but not limited to, a Hermes load carrying luggage case, a dash of camera cases, footwear and eyewear, a suitcase, and card sleeve were also on display.

Initially announced by the company, the event was intended to include the usual reception and presentations related to the release of a new model. However, following speculation that Apple wanted to take a cut of the leaking pricing and rumors of a planned tour schedule (as a part of the Electronic Arts Games Festival) and announcing a 'CTO tour' by a company known for high-profile arrivals, CBS Evening News chief Bill Burley announced that a 'Product Review' would be held at Apple over the weekend. According to CBS, one of the main reasons for the company's decision to hold a public meeting on behalf of the event is to boost customer loyalty.

Observers were divided on the outcome of the meeting, with some blowing in the vein of Hollywood veterans who were unhappy that the ‘worst case scenario’ scenario took place and others holding out hope that Burley and Smyth will discuss with Apple outdoors.

Key numbers after hype: The latest MacPro lineup will feature a powerful new processor along with an enlarged RAM from 16GB up to 64GB, a new display, and a new MacBook Pro Retina. The new Mac Pro itself will be unveiled on Thursday. According the press release, the new Mac pro will feature "amazingly powerful processor" and "comprehensive networking for easier web browsing, voice calls and storage". The processor will use the new Intel Xeon E5 v2, which is 8 times faster than Intel's prior generation processors for Mac Pros. According further, the improved processor is the first in a series of other 'Honeywell architectures' that will be released from Apple's new facility in north London. The company is the world's first major computer manufacturer to issue the Pentium 4