Atrends ru

Atrends ruptured around 28 miles (42 km) southwest of the city of Linz.

At least six people were killed and eight more injured, said police in the city. The state's Civil Guard said the suspect had died in the hospital, while the state Bureau of Investigation said two injured men were taken to hospital.

Ms Hoppe, who has lived in Budapest for 32 years, said she was shocked by the news. She only knows the person who attacked her, she said.

The woman was killed on Monday, and her mother said her daughter and her granddaughter were injured in the attack.

Nevertheless, Ms Hendricks said the woman's murder was the latest assault on her and her friends.

"I thought it was God. I thought it wasn't really the right way to die for my family and my whole life," she said, adding that her daughter has lost her eye and has a four-year-old son.

Police in Bavaria said they have joined forces with neighbours to investigate.

Anyone with information about the suspected attack should contact investigators of the Bavarian Bundespolizei (BP) at 020 274 6889, or see the BP website at