AOVA - Alliance for a New American Education; - NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (National Association for Citizens for the Establishment of Values); - OUSD - Organizational Unit for Students at Dominican University (University Student Organization); - ROCA - Region of the Catholic Conference of North America (CNCD); - SAMA - School of Southern Maryland; - SAS - School for Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity; - STAR - School Stereotyping and Sex Robbery; - WCC - Woman's Christian Colleges; - ZED - Zoneed Edward DeSales; - ICA - International Center for Educational and Achievement Studies; - FAAS - International Association of Federations of Students; - AOC - Association of Collegiate Cases; - OBY - Academic Board for Equity and Opportunity, and OBAS - Access Boards for Women and the Arts; - CIAM - International College of Academics and Students. AARP has also become a prominent alliance in the fight against sexual assault.