Addons youtube

Addons youtube channel to read more of my explanations about the new mapping system:

The new maps are directly from the system APB and the new map & space is setup for the first time in 6s. The region map is unchanged. The new map design is more expressive because of the stronger collision sensitivity. The developers are going to need a bit of trial and error to get the map into the world. The maps have been hacked together to understand the new system. I tried to make them a little more express for the new graphics engine, in general.

What we've also been testing is the new virtual machine that has been included in the system, they were added based on the recommendation of my customer (thanks a lot ) and also based on JCS3. The idea is to have a physical machine that can be exposed to both AMD and Nvidia so that we can run test suites against those standards.

The physical machine should have hardware tuners from all manufacturers to help us playtest the new interfaces, but things can be done on CD2U and hardware is being carefully tested.

Another part of testing is to try out the new dynamic dark cvc with some custom lighting in the atmosphere. The lighting is also complicated by the large size of the map & the fact that light changes in time. We will continue to test both of these as they are weaker than the scene we're currently using.

We are also planning to release a client service that has real-time levels and events with hints. When you visited A Place in the Fire, you'd enter some numbers in the cv_dynamic_dark_plus() function which the server called, and then you could change the light colour in your maps. This is very attractive for dynamic cvs, they have not been implemented in A Places yet and so we are testing it.

I hope you enjoy the viewer youtube channels and we look forward to seeing you in the i2p world!