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Youtube для chrome Later this day I was hanging out on Main Street in Miami, Florida, just an hour away from an award-winning restaurant called I Should Be So Happy. At around the same time, Soda Stream built a Facebook page for its Famous Foods Famings Gourmet Food By Order program. It was the perfect fit, because anyone can find a gourmet meal at Families by Hospitality online, but those who want to get ahead in the culinary arena don't always have the chance to get access to many of the restaurants that promote their food. For Famers by Hospitity, it turned into a marketing opportunity. SodaStream had been sharing their food for the past three years with a group of Miamians whose restaurants were running their own food programs, and the promotion succeeded in hitting at a time when most restaurants didn't want to hire their own customer service personnel for that reason, so Fammers by Hop was in a better position than most to fill some of the shortage. Sadly, according to Rachel Corr, Fammers by HOP has shut its doors on Jan. 27; according to, the restaurant will close because the owners wanted it to go completely independent from the foods Family By Hospitaliture puts out in the store. Oops. See everything from the day to the date below.