Swift wire

Swift wireless network. The MM-X50 is the first WNDR-based Wireless Speaker in North America. MM X50 from JSons - A very wide range of speakers, awesome digital effects, and a few key features help all the WNR devices to make the conversation with friends and family easier and more fun.

The MM15 is a workstation prototype with high performance display, keyboard, mouse and macro cursor.

The Dash Talk-DBH is a single-board computer developed in cooperation with IBM. The Dash cabinet has the latest software, including Windows 7 operating system, and offers a powerful built-in graphics processor, graphics card and memory.

An important feature of the Dash is its input/output unit. With the right apps, you can send and receive email and text messages, download music and movies, copy and paste files, upload pictures and videos, and browse the web.

Built-in WiFi with various networking devices for communicating with other devices around the world.

Intelligent, Automatic Folding Office Printing, which creates office paper samples in real-time for immediate print.

MaxMind maps the world to carry out your project without having to spend hours looking at a map.

You have to be careful when using multiple keyboards at the same time! The MW-X20 with tweakable keyboading is a simple to use, easy to operate, and fun touch-based keyboard with multi-use keyboard shortcuts. Cool, spring-loaded, easy-to-use in your bag, this dedicated keyboard is for professional use, not just for casual users.

This hands-on optional accessory provides additional power for the MW30, MW50, and MW25. The power pack can be recharged easily.

Product Description

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MW35 USB is a full-sized USB module with Ethernet, and the MM35 Power Zone is the MOXA MW35 PowerZone. It is a modular solution that supports various input and output devices, and includes plenty of power supplies an