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Seo forum's comments during the Sept. 10, 2015, PIRDY-KY rally at Riverside Church, Joy says, "Albino Pete made a point to question the authority of IRS, Citizens for Prosperity, and the religious organization that writes the IRS's tax rules."

A joint statement from the groups and their backers reads, "The political pressure from progressives on Capitol Hill over what Congress ought to pass and what they don't have, led to an embarrassing role for the alt-right within our House of Representatives."

The three organizations in question, along with the Conservative Popular Front, are working within a bipartisan coalition of backers as part of the "Republicans take back the White House" effort.

This letter from the same denouncing message took center stage in the midst of the Pop Dawg Pizza rally, which protesters began yelling at neighbors over their Mexican food. Several of the taunting neighbours were arrested and critics blamed "alt-right" groups for the incident.

Also during the rally, the protesters attacked and waved a banner reading, "Break the law before it is broken." No direct trespassing was reported, according to police.

However, Rutgers University's Vice Chancellor Joseph Thurow has branded the protest "unacceptable" and has called on the University to "aggressively prosecute those who participate in such politically motivated activity," and investigations into the incident are underway.

"When a group of young men act as if they are representing a true majority of the American people, it may not be in their interest to impose their values on society," Thuorrow said. "There needs to be a better balance between pro-inclusion inclusion and anti-white prejudice. I would like to see the Berkeley organization to be investigated for engaging in racially discriminatory activity."

Occupy organizers and their supporters have urged activists on campuses and elsewhere to join a new alliance in protesting graffiti tagging and other forms of criminal activity.

But police are still lookin