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Exceptional performances by Teenage Cancer Trust Theatre's Past at the 2006 Tony Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, and School of Rock at the 2007 Tony Domestic Theatre Festival in Los Angeles, California, could have cost millions of dollars.

Just some of the tickets on the night were worth an estimated $40,000 to $50,000, exceeding the average $50 ticket price.

Best Picture: The Hateful Eight Academy Awards, 2006

Bruce Willis and his co-star Gary Oldman donated $100,000 for People's Literature: A Year of Literary Arts in India.

The proceeds from the donation were used to support the school.

Michael Gambon, John Malkovich, and Paul Lee were nominated for Best Supporting Actor for their performances in The HATE TEN. The Film was nominated in 5 categories, which included Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography.

In total, the award ceremony was worldwide broadcast on the National Public Radio Network.

So far, of the Academy Award nominees in the "Supporting Actress" category, ten have received $1 million in donations, which made up 50% of the total.

This marked a record for the stipulated funding category for the Tony Award in which the maximum payout is $1.5 million for the "Homegrown Artist".

Headlining the speakers at the ceremonies, Best Supporter's Debut was Elephant Man, which was nominee for Best Choreography. Actress Kristen Stewart was also nominated as Best Supported Actress in "Song For a Prisoner."

Eminem and Jennifer Lopez were nomineed as Best Topical Category performers for their work on MOTU.

A number of Academy Awards supporters turned out in support of the Human Rights Campaign in 2007.

They were asked to wear a mask that read "Human Rights We Stand For."

Chuck Todd and Tony Hawk were among the speaker's that addressed the crowd as the nomin