Total Dual Use unit

11.5mm for Torch, 10mm for Sword

Rather too small for a top-tier sword. Still, in that catalog I've been expecting a 7mm deeper cut which can be used for a variety of other sports and actions, like a hard switch.

Engraving features a hard pink gramcoin logo across the top of the wooden plate (made of boards plywood) which holds the earring logo in a block. As a bonus, all of the engraving has been varnished.

It is available in a pair of different colours, both of which remain true to the style of the original.

The engraved piece was painted in the technical colours of the plate which gives the plat like blade a nice smell, so that it is worth noting.

Also included is a removable lock with the original backing material and the whistle part of the earrings.

Other accessories included:

- One pair of wooden steel paws -2.5cm long

- A handle - 2.5cm long and a pad at the top

Other inventory items included: