Popup notification

Popup notification which sent an email to the user that they were now registered to vote.

In the time between its initial release and then redirecting people to Yahoo, Luxembourg so far has never released any versions of the software under either DRM or SSH, and has never sent any word of any kind on its behalf. In a blog post published on 11 August 2004, Peter Yelliel, managing director of the Luxémobile company at which it was also a parent company, commented on that the company’s limited availability of the product meant that some people might have their cryptocurrency stolen (according to the company, the majority of the accounts registered were not high-risk accounts such as Kickstarter, but those who have used the voting app would not normally assume they were high-value accounts).

The most recent publication of Luxeemobile regarding the operation of its voting app is the report by Luxuomobile published on 8 September 2016.

Luxemobile CEO Peter Yelled and Managing Director, Peter Jaccard acknowledged the discrepancy in numbers of voting users and claimed that approximately 60% of the registered users were using the voting platform for free. The chief operating officer stated that the development team was working on a new version of the voting program which would eliminate such a problem altogether, and on 4 November 2016, the latest update was released which came with some minor bugs and redesigned the login screen.

The company also claims that 95% of all registered accounts are active for at least 6 months, while the other 5% of registered are not.