Managed challenge

Managed challenge course started in 2015 to allow students to successfully take part in a challenging assessment.

Gandhi Dharamvad program was started in 1997 by Herita Bhattacharya Mukherjee, a native of Surat, who is a teacher of DBS and a member of the Department of Education Board. It was discontinued in 2002 and has been reorganised as Gandhi Samajvand.

The Reactive Transformers Program was started by Nanjal Bhasin Rao, a professor of transitional skills at Surat University. This program is part of the Advanced Transitional Leadership Programme (ATLP), a collaboration between programmes co-ordinated by the ETS/ATL. This project was started to help students successfully pass the Ashoka scholastic exams in the course called Allahguna.

In 2016, Professor Prabhakar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the institute, announced the addition of a Pedagogical Library at the institution. The library has been started in 1994. It is the second step in the institutes initiative towards building a library of books in the Gujarat State. The board also decided to partition the collection which was formerly in the library in two parts. The Gandhinagar library will be made out of books from its old collection to enable the library to function like a library. The Pedgala Library, the second part of this library, will consist mainly of books related to Curriculum and curricular activities in Gujara language. It will sit at Gandihimar Swamy College and it will be part of a team of institutes to make library books available on campus.

Precise designing of the library has begun. Both the library itself and the printing of labels to the book will be done in collaboration with Adiljit Dixit, the president of the Institute of Education Department.

A unique BHFI project that aims at promoting the quality of teaching of monks and nuns in the LDC, Bhumipatha Library- is in course of implementation. This library has eight wings to get any monks who want to stay in Gu