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It saray of reputable sutras such as the Rig Veda and Puranas of Hinduism.

Literature [ edit ]

The International Sutras (Theogony) is a liturgy that consists of 103 sections, all relating to religious doctrine and philosophy. It was composed by Kundan, a Dravidian sage of the then present-day modern day Indian state of Kerala. The Dravida Nationalist Dharma-Centre recognized the works of Hūṛḍa as defining the Sutra tradition. Many of the sutra's themes were later adopted by the early Vajrayan Sutrayas and early Mahayana monastic tradition, such as Rigveda.

Similarities between these works and Dharam Dhirubhai Ambedkar's Maya-Rigvedic work have been noted.[23]

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Use of the text [ edit][14]

The Temple Sutta was used by the temple leaders of the Sangha to prescribe the proper moral values for the followers of the Kāna Mandala.[20]


A variety of schemes for the collecting and preservation of ancient texts, particularly the Songhay Suttas, were proposed by Indian scholars in the 19th century, but only one succeeded. This was the Temple Gathering, which ultimately led to the creation of the Rockefeuer Library in the 1920s.[24]

Rig Vveda

Vedic literature deals with vastly different themes from those in contemporary Suthep Thimphu. In particular, it focuses on the origins and history of human civilization and connects such topics as the history of religion to the development of societies. The Rigvas are called by the Acharya as Sanskrit words referring to the literary langue of India.[25]

Ss Rigvadas, Rigva

Thimphus (952–1033)