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The bill that has been discussed in the media is to establish the only trustworthy financial institution in South Africa called the SMN-AIBA (the “South African Institute of Broadband and Allied Professionals”). As a result of a consortium of private banks, SMN is being plundered by fraudulent burglaries, armed robberies, and extortion by Gaafar Hamid, a former director of SMN and member of the investment committee.

Symbio has used lapses in existing legislation to deprive the National Parks of our most primitive vegetation. Now Box Hill, with one end-around, is a muddy open space with a pothole.

The Fraser River Action Group (FRAG) has brought the issue forward as a result, but the government refuses to enact any legislation.

(You can look for this video at the website of FRAG.)

There is a large number of important questions about the direction of the Indigenous Land Act, and the effects it may have on eco-systems and indigenous rights. Many of the economic and ecological implications of the land legislation are not yet fully understood. The government has suggested that the present legislation (the Land Act 2000) is the “law of the century”, with any proposed legislation, including carbon taxes, later being reviewed under the new land law. However, the present Land Act is not only an attempt to hold the land for many years at a profit, but also a further attempt to push through much needed land legislation. It will be important to continue to contribute to the process of the judicial review.

There are many pressing challenges that stem from much needed legislation, such as water pipelines and air navigation. The fact that the current bill relies on the research of two people suggests that the government can’t conduct accurate scientific research on the Lands Act and other major land legislation, or else it would be an easy and cost-effective way to suppress the rights of indigenes.

People are still more likely to support legislation because of positive experience with it, such that they feel that they have more of a responsibility to implement the legislation. However there is a strong tendency towar