Bs serving sys

Bs serving sysadmin-capability application suites. Much like OwnCloud, it won’t be easy to get started after installing the package. Make sure to install the specified feature package (must be supervised to be on the list), recompile and fix issues (in particular, uninstalling the Git package), and run the server as root.

That said, ManagedServer is a fully modular outfit, and built with the Slackware v13 binary distribution, so the advanced features can be easily merged into the software for easy migration.


Overall, ManagerServer can be a good choice for deployment on a cloud service, but it may not work on a production.

Slackware is capable of building modular systems, and Manager Server is basically a simplified version of Slack. With a bit of extra work over the device, you can get your desktop running in both Slack and Managed Server, though cloud deployment is a tricky proposition, particularly when you have to do it on demand. And, as I said, not everybody uses one of these two environments (many of them just use Slack, for example), so how to optimize your cloud deployments depends on the needs of those involved.