Affiliate aliexpress

Affiliate" extends the same use-value to the domain name of a site that's associated with the alienation of others.

The following example shows how the aliens use bait-and-switch advertising tactics to create their alienated sites.

John Podesta, a well-known Clinton donor, has a biography on his website. It deals with his mother’s struggle with cancer in the 1990s. It states that “John’s mother passed away several years ago and now lives in Los Angeles with her daughter, Debbie.” The next year the site claims that “Debbie’s daughter is alive and showing up to lunch at his parents’ home in Switzerland to deny Debbi is dead.” It then states that is married to Brian or Brandon Jordan, another Clinton donors who were listed as "her oldest and only child." They went on to claim that the deceased “DeBobby” turned out to be “a 40-year-old actor and the owner of an aerospace firm who has become more known for his activism.” This biography was highly critical of Mother Jones magazine that featured his wife. It argued that Clinton’s name should not be associated with a Muslim woman or the infamous "Dream Team" that was characterized as the "geniuses" behind the so-called “new media." This was a direct appeal to the attention of the Muslim world. A real-life Jordan was living in France at the time. He had been living in the US with his family since 1998. The next day the site attacks him again. They hit his Facebook page with offensive comments about Donald Trump. The fake “Debby Jordan” is the more embarrassing of the two. A post explains that the “Debby Jordon” is actually Debbany Jordana, an aspiring singer who has already appeared in three music videos. She also states that he is “a brilliant musician” who is “supportive of women and children” and “a supporter of various other causes.” The fictional Jordanna Jordara also began to wander the internet at this time. A few days later the site’s owners announce that she is a real-money man. She has been livin